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Prather Property Services brings life back to your outdoor spaces with our excellent landscape maintenance services. From rejuvenating beds to laying new sod, we do it all. So if you require landscape maintenance, including commercial landscape maintenance, reach out to us today!

Top-Tier Landscape Maintenance Services in Oxford, OH, and Surrounding Areas

At Prather Property Services, we offer landscape maintenance services in Oxford, OH, ensuring your outdoor areas are always at their best. Our team specializes in spring clean-ups, redefining landscape beds, trimming shrubs, and weed control. We lay sod or seed for lush lawns and use pre-emergent weed-control measures for long-lasting beauty. Our goal is to make your outdoor space a source of pride and joy all year round.

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Transform Your Outdoor Spaces

Our service ensures your garden and outdoor areas are not just maintained but transformed. We focus on enhancing the aesthetic and health of your landscape, from detailed bed clean-ups to precise edging and mulching. Our approach not only beautifies your property but also promotes plant health and soil integrity, making your garden a vibrant and welcoming space.

Begin Your Landscape Journey

Begin your landscape transformation with Prather Property Services in Oxford, OH. Our landscape maintenance services, including commercial landscape maintenance, are tailored to keep your landscape or garden thriving. We take pride in creating and maintaining beautiful, healthy outdoor spaces that reflect your style and enhance your property’s value. Trust us to bring expertise, care, and attention to every corner of your garden.

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Every Project Comes With a Free Shade Tree!

Enhance your landscape project with a complimentary shade tree. Elevate your outdoor space’s charm and comfort with this special offer.